Tanques Cobra de Combate Infrarrojos



This is an amazing Battle Tank set. These two tank are radio-controlled, with moving turrets and full control of movement. They will climb over cushions, books and other obstacles on the “battlefield”. You can play stealthy hide and seek games, or just slug it out in the open. When a tank is hit it loses a life and has slightly reduced ability until all 4 lives are used up and the tank dies. Be warned – it’s very addictive. Great for all ages from 8 years up. This set comes with everything you need to get started – 2 1:48 scale Tanks (one Tiger tank and one Leopard Tank) , 2 remote controls, 2 battery packs, and 2 rechargers. Combat strikes are recorded via the infrared emitter and receiver causing simulated explosion effects with lights, noise, recoil and tank vibration. Game play is tracked through the vital force and power indicators seated on top of the tank. This set will keep the kids (and the adults.) occupied for hours.


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